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We want to focus on inspiring women and start with the fascinating Dora Maar.

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Dora Maar: The Overlooked Artist Behind Picasso's Masterpieces

In art history, the outstanding male artists often receive more attention, while the important works by women are often overlooked. Dora Maar is a perfect example of this injustice. Although she was Picasso's inspiring muse, it should not be forgotten that she was an outstanding artist and photographer in her own right.

Born in Paris in 1907, Dora Maar dedicated herself to both painting and photography and quickly developed her own distinctive style. She was considered a clever and cosmopolitan woman whose remarkable beauty and eccentric looks made her a fascinating personality. She not only portrayed well-known artists of her time, but also found her subjects in the slums of the cities in order to capture the harsh reality of life in her photographs.

In 1936 she met the charismatic Pablo Picasso, 26 years her senior. However, a toxic relationship developed between the two, which led to Dora giving up photography and devoting herself exclusively to Picasso and her own painting. Picasso portrayed her in numerous works.

After eight years he left her for Francoise Gilot, who was 40 years younger. As a parting gift, Picasso bought her a house in Provence, where she spent her summers in seclusion. Dora Maar died alone in Paris at the age of 87.

Dora Maar's life story reminds us of how many impressive women in art history were often overshadowed. Both her art and her social commitment, with which she drew attention to social injustices and pressing social problems, are still inspiring today. 

ATTIÈL and Dora Maar

What do we take away from these life stories and why are they so valuable to us? “There are many areas where women are even worse off today, need help and we can change something together,” says ATTIÈL founder Annelies Loibl. “There are countless ways to get involved, you just have to start.”