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Natural skin care made in Austria.
Pure, transparent and effective.
Awakening all senses.

skin's need

Your skin is as unique as your fingerprint and skin care should be individually tailored to your specific needs.

These needs, however, can change with the seasons and with different phases of life. Stress, a nutrient-deficient diet, lack of exercise and a lack of fresh air as well as hormonal fluctuations can influence your skin's complexion.

It is therefore important to adjust your skin care routine in order to support the skin's function and regeneration.

  • Normal skin

    Normal skin

    Congratulations to everyyone blessed with normal skin. It shows a harmonious complexion without any areas that are too dry or greasy. Normal skin is usually not sensitive and rarely prone to blemishes. It might react a little with small impurities during hormonal changes. Since normal skin is very uncomplicated, skin care can be ideally adapted to individual needs, with lighter textures during the warm seasons and richer care during the cold seasons. Active ingredient concentrates are only used in a targeted manner for specific needs, e.g. during hormonal changes, at particularly stressful times or when there is a lot of exposure to the sun.

    We recommend the following products
  • Dry skin

    Dry skin

    Dry skin is prone to small wrinkles and might show flaky areas on the forehead and nose. It reacts with a feeling of tightness and irritation to dry air, too much sun and wind as well as to the wrong cleansing and care. This skin type requires a gentle cleanser and moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and vegetable glycerine as well as moisture-regulating oils that support an intact skin barrier.

    We recommend the following products
  • Sensitive skin

    Sensitive skin

    Sensitive skin is highly reactive to negative external influences such as sun, heat and cold, wrong cosmetic products and toxins. It quickly develops impurities, itching, a feeling of tightness and redness. Mild cleansing followed by restoration of the slightly acidic pH value is particularly important for this skin type in order to promote an intact protective acid mantle. Nourishing and moisture-regulating oils with antioxidants help strengthen the skin barrier and allow the skin to relax and regenerate.

    We recommend the following products
  • Oily and blemished skin

    Oily and blemished skin

    Skin that is oily or prone to blemishes tends to produce an increased amount of sebum and therefore presents enlarged pores and shiny areas. Stress, hormonal changes or rich skin care products can increase the production of blackheads and blemishes. Gentle yet thorough cleansing with a mild toner is important to purify the skin without drying it out. Using a serum with plant extracts adapted to this skin type can regulate sebum production and fight breakouts. A gentle fluid with lightweight plant oils rounds off the skin care routine without adding any weight.

    We recommend the following products
  • combination skin

    combination skin

    Combination skin has a tendency towards increased sebum production and enlarged pores in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin). Hormonal fluctuations can increase impurities. This skin type has a normal to dry cheek area. A gentle purifying cleansing lotion and subsequent mild toning is recommended for combination skin. This is followed by pampering the skin with a moisturizer rich in nourishing and antioxidant oils and extracts. Specific serums for the different skin areas support a calm and fresh complexion. Combination skin will feel very comfortable with rich skin care products in the evening or in winter and with lighter textures during the summer time.

    We recommend the following products
  • mature skin

    mature skin

    Skin over 40 needs special attention. Collagen production slowly decreases and mature skin increasingly loses elasticity, becoming thinner and drier. Revitalising and regenerating the skin is now a priority. Moisture-binding ingredients and highly nourishing oils are essential to the daily skin care routine. Herbal better-aging active ingredients such as apple stem cell extract, hibiscus and pomegranate extract ideally support the skin's regenerating processes leading to a firmer complexion.

    We recommend the following products
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Our philoceuticals originate from our love of nature.

My name is Annelies. I am a physician. Nature, with all its healing moments and wonders, has been my teacher ever since I was a child.

Today I know that an elderberry bush offers way more than a place to hide and that a handful of daisies are capable of so much more than just being a beautiful wreath in my hair.

Our philoceuticals originate from our love of nature. Hasn’t nature provided every plant with special properties, consciously chosen to be a gift for our own nature?

Right down to nature’s scent, shape and the capability of reminding us of something that is not only balm for the skin but also for the soul.

philo-, -phil Greek. philos

Nature teaches us about love. The mutual kind of love, where give and take reciprocate. The all-affirming. The one doesn't miss a thing. The fulfillment, that leaves you in awe until your senses wake you again. If you love nature, she will love you back. She will pour her horn of plenty full of wonder over you. All she wants in return is mindfulness. Appreciation. And feeling into it. Into your own nature.

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