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Serums contain active ingredients in much higher concentrations than a care cream. Why they are so effective and how best to use them.

Natural Skincare made in Austria

A serum is always used AFTER cleansing and toning and BEFORE applying the care cream. It is best to apply a few drops to the still damp skin and gently pat in, then it will be particularly well absorbed. Sera contain selected active ingredient formulations in far higher concentrations than a care cream. All ATTIÈL philoceuticals contain precious Damascena rose water and oil.

Year-round freshness kick

The HYDRATING SERUM is the moisture booster with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and glycerine, binds moisture deep into the skin and gives it a plump and fresh appearance. Not only wonderfully suitable for dry and mature skin, but also particularly soothing for men, for example on holiday after enjoying the sun and after shaving. Even in the cold season and when the air is very dry, this serum is a moisture booster for the skin. 

Radiant even in hectic phases

The PURIFYING SERUM can help the skin to regulate sebum production and thus reduce blemishes. The cocktail of active ingredients, including watercress, sage, lemon peel and ivy, ensures a pore-refining and even complexion. Especially in Advent, around the turn of the year or in professionally challenging times, a balanced diet is often neglected. This can be reflected in the complexion and show up in the form of pimples and skin impurities. Applied mornings and evenings after cleansing, the serum helps stressed skin. 

regeneration overnight

The REGENERATING SERUM with its apple stem cell extract, extracts from pomegranate and hibiscus, it wonderfully supports the skin's nightly regeneration processes and also has an intensive effect against free radicals. After short nights, it can help to get a fresh complexion more quickly in the morning.

All three serums are available in two sizes, each with 15ml (perfect travel size!) or 30ml in dark purple jars for optimal protection of the valuable herbal ingredients.

tip 1

For normal or even slightly oily skin, the REGENERATING SERUM can even be the ideal night care product on its own.

tip 2

Extra tip for radiant skin: melatonin (and also somatotropin) supports the skin cells in their nightly repair mechanism. Blue light prevents this hormone release. Therefore, you should avoid cell phones and PCs before going to bed.

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