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The rose is a symbol of beauty and sensuality. Everything about the properties of the rose and how precious rose water and oil are used in cosmetics.

Natural Skincare made in Austria


ATTIÈL relies on precious rose water and oil in its products: These are used in high concentrations and in organic quality and form effective symbioses with other plant substances to care for the skin. What properties does the rose actually have and how can we use its ingredients for our beauty care? Interesting facts about the plant itself, exciting background information on the symbolism and fragrant gift ideas for various occasions and beyond the usual bouquet.

Old knowledge rediscovered: roses and their symbolism

The history of the rose is older than mankind itself. In ancient times it was a symbol of secrecy and confidentiality. Even in the Middle Ages, rooms in which confidential matters were discussed were marked with the symbol of the rose. In ancient Rome, roses were the epitome of luxury and a symbol of love and sensuality: Cleopatra beguiled the two most powerful men Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius with roses. The last queen of Egypt had entire banquet halls flooded with rose petals, with success, as is well known. And roses, with their rapid fading, are also a symbol of transience and death. Roses not only symbolize a life cycle, but should also remind us of self-love and self-care. 


The scent of the rose has a balancing effect on our psyche. Rose water can support us in many areas of life, reduce feelings of fear and insecurity and give us more comfort and security. The scent of roses can promote mental stability and exudes joie de vivre. Incidentally, rose water is often used at turning points in life: during childbirth as a room spray, but also for the seriously ill and in terminal care as a balancing element.  

Pure luxury

For one liter of precious rose oil you need about four tons of hand-picked rose petals. Rose oil is valued above all for its skin-soothing and moisturizing effect. It stimulates cell regeneration, smoothes the skin's surface and keeps dry skin soft and supple. The rose water obtained in addition to rose oil from the distillation process has an antibacterial and refreshing effect, particularly pleasant as a toner and also in care creams. 


There are many occasions when roses are traditionally given away, for Valentine's Day, a birthday or any other happy occasion. Roses are beautiful and fragrant, but not particularly lasting as the delicate flowers fade quickly. Hence our gift tip as a token of love for someone special or, very importantly, for ourselves: give away roses in the form of a high-quality cosmetic set from ATTIÈL. The plant-based care concept is based on mindfulness and knowledge and relies on precious rose water and oil as well as other selected natural ingredients, a mindful philosophy and integrates knowledge from preventive medicine as a basis.


For Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or simply as a token of love: roses are always a nice gift idea, beautiful and fragrant, but not particularly lasting as the delicate flowers fade quickly. Why not give roses differently? ATTIÈL midi sets cut a fine figure as a luxurious gift set in dark purple glass. The midi sizes are chosen so that you can try the products for a few weeks and anyone who knows the original sizes knows how productive they are. Perfect for travel!

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